Christa McAneney

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HOME: Melbourne Beach, Florida "The 321"

BOARD: 5'10 Tye Dye Regular Squash Performance Board & 5'8 Watermelon Mayhem Design Board

BREAK: My favorite local breaks are Sebastian Inlet, Spanish House, Chernobyl’s,
RC's, SBI, Sunnyland, and when we go up north to NSB! I loved surfing
spots in Cali like Sunset Cliffs, Grandview, Trestles, Salt Creek,
T-Street... needless to say if there is a wave I'll surf it.

DAY TO DAY: I go to Melbourne High School and Duel Enroll at Eastern Florida State College. I like to create videos
for my YouTube: I surf all the time,
skate with my Floridana crew, just be crazy kids enjoying life by the
minute. I always make a little room in my days to draw in my doodle
book and jam out on Soundcloud. Also, I love to play guitar. I've recently picked up fishing too! 

LIFESTYLE: You already know my obsession with surfing, but there is
more to me than that. I love to help the local groms out and explain
how important it is to do our school work. I love going to Church to
strengthen my relationship with God. Also, I love touching into my
artsy side: whether it is playing guitar, playing piano, playing the
uke, dancing in my room, singing in the shower or at the top of my
lungs when I'm home alone, and drawing pictures. I love the idea of
traveling and learning about other people and their cultures. I love
to longboard skate, even though that is how I broke my ankle in late
January of 2014, and my friends are teaching me to skate bowl.
Recently I have found out another passion of mine just besides
creating sick edits. I love to jump! Jumping through the shore with
waves crashing down on you and jumping off giant cliffs into the
unknown. I try to live every day positively and enjoyable! I am also
an eco gal! I love nature and our environment. That is why I love
being an Odina girl: I love wearing the recycled suits and helping our
world one suit at a time!

Collections: Ambassadors

Category: active, eco, florida, sporty, surf, Team, travel

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21in/ 53cm

32-33in/ 83-86cm

XS 2 32A 22-24in/ 61-63cm 34-35in/ 88-91cm
S 4 33B 24-25in/ 64-67cm 35-36in/ 91-93cm
M 6/8 34C 26-28in/ 69-71cm 37-38in/ 95-97cm
L 10 36D 29-31in/ 75-79cm 39-40in/ 99-102cm
XL 12 36DD 31-33in/ 80-83cm 41-43in/ 103-105cm