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My surfboards are usually pink, but "Green to the Core" made from soy-based sustainable products by Ned McMahon from Malama Composites.


Kalinda Top in Frozen/Kona Reversible

Hana Bae Bottom in Frozen/Kona Reversible


When I am in Hawaii I usually check all the Kona side breaks until I find the best spot for the day -- Pines Trees, Mahaiula, Banyans, Lymans, Kahalu, Tikis, Ke'ei.

Day to day:

Right now I am creating and producing my global adventure website, and adventure TV series Alison's Adventures. Its sort of "Indiana Jones" meets "Blue Crush. Writing a book. Inspiring schools.


There is so much to life besides surfing, I love Inspiring kids to accomplish their dreams, traveling, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, biking, playing Frisbee, drawing, acting, making movies, dancing and singing and making new friends. Although for me, the second I hit the water, I just feel at home. I can't imagine life without surfing and the ocean. Surfing is my meditation, source of fun, and always puts a smile on my face. It's a great way to see the world and meet incredible people and connect with cultures. I love being an Odina girl, I love to live as green as possible. My home in Hawaii is powered completely off solar energy, and we run our cars on veggie oil. When I'm traveling the globe, I love to get off the beaten track and leave as little a carbon footprint as possible.



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21in/ 53cm

32-33in/ 83-86cm

XS 2 32A 22-24in/ 61-63cm 34-35in/ 88-91cm
S 4 33B 24-25in/ 64-67cm 35-36in/ 91-93cm
M 6/8 34C 26-28in/ 69-71cm 37-38in/ 95-97cm
L 10 36D 29-31in/ 75-79cm 39-40in/ 99-102cm
XL 12 36DD 31-33in/ 80-83cm 41-43in/ 103-105cm