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Danielle Zirk Collab Artist Odina Wave Print

Danielle Z Fenwick, is a professional artist and competitive surfer from the Big Island of Hawaii. Danielle is three time Hawaii State Champion, and is currently ranked 4th in the Nation, for Surfing America’s Association. She devoted herself to a life of authentic creation, surfing, and helping others. Danielle’s life has been riddled with hardships, but she never let the fear of a new chapter scare her off. She has put herself in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations to learn, to experience life, and to be a positive light for herself, and others struggling with issues that are seemingly, limiting.  If it seems impossible, Danielle wants a shot at it, and she challenges others to do the same. Today Danielle is said to be “One of the most exciting new artist to come along in decades.” by professional art critics around the world, and is making a big impact on the Surf Culture Art world. She raises the interest in others to challenge the impossible in their lives. Danielle’s artwork is a visual journal of her travels, discoveries, and understandings. Every single painting is a message that she believes is created for exactly the right person to find, and use for their journey.


“For Danielle Zirkelbach Fenwick, inspiration constantly surrounds her, almost as if experiences seek this woman out, looking to be explained through brush strokes and pigments. Danielle’s artwork not only reflects her own stories, but the stories of so many others that have made an impact. There’s a lot of fear involved in being who we want to be, but in the end, Danielle is proof that it is so worth it."


-Lauren Rolland, Professional Editor of Free Surf Magazine

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